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Panthera Tigris



The Tiger, a mammal scientifically called Panthera TIgris, is the biggest in the cat family (Felidae) and uniquely recognized for its dark vertical stripes and reddish-orange fur.

  • Tigers are mostly solitary and are known apex predators. They live most of adult lives in solace but can interact socially with other Tigers. There are documented studies which confirmed lone male tigers sharing food with other adult females and cubs.
  • The big cat’s main diet include Ungulates. Although mainly carnivorous, it is known to sometimes feed on fruit and vegetation.
  • Tigers prefer dense vegetation and forest land for camouflage. This heightens its advantage as a solitary ambush predator.
  • Subspecies include: Siberian, Sumatran, Javan, Malayan, Bengal, Indochinese, South Chinese, Caspian and Bali.
Tiger's Profile  
Scientific Name
Panthera Tigris
Animal (Animalia)
Mammal (Mammalia)
Cat (Felidae)
Male (400 to 675 lb)
Height Length
Male (10 ft - 11 ft)
  • Adult tigers normally stay in home ranges. Tiger territory can range from 20 square kilometers for females and 60-100 square kilometers for males. Ranges depend on abundance of food (prey) and access to females.
  • A tiger’s coat pattern is peculiarly visible even if shaved.
  • Tigers are great swimmers and are known to carry captured prey through water. They can swim across rivers 7 kilometers wide, and swim up to 29 kilometers.
  • Tiger’s roar can be heard from 3 kilometers.
  •  It has no known predator, but listed as endangered due to habitat loss and human hunting.
  • Crocodiles, Bears, Wolves, Dholes, and Leopards are known rivals of Tigers for food.

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